Spell It!

Spell It! is a funny and educational game with words and letters.
It was especially developped for children with problems in reading and writing, but it can also be used successful to train the basic vocabulary in elementary schools.

Learning words and letters has become even more fun with this program! This Tetris-like game starts you off by showing you a word, then drops letters from the top while you move them into the right spacing at the bottom. The word is written off to the side for reference. As you get to the higher levels, the reference word is no longer available - you have to know how to spell the word to play! The higher levels also feature letters that you don't need and letters that are backwards, upside down, etc. Very fun and challenging!

Free download (V4.13):




spell_it.exe Self-extracting
spell_it.zip unzip and start INSTALL.EXE

- Win 9x / Win NT
- 586 -  90MHz
- Screen Resolution at least 800x600
- soundcard

This software is shareware. If you want to register to the unlimited version, click here.
The registered version is enhanced and contains a lot of more Levels and no shareware reminders.
You only need to register once. Your registration code will work with all future versions of the program.


Contact (e.g. bug reports):

eMail: mn-software@t-online.de

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